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Do you believe music can be the answer, to heal anytime with a chi energy transfer?

Chi Music Store provides you with UNLIMITED access, to healing chi energy created for your success.

Download chi energy (aka. qi, prana, life-force and bio-electricity), for ON DEMAND healing with a high velocity.

You'll be manifesting from chi energy with a twist,

for life enhancements to forever persist.

Chi Energy Healing Music

Energized music from chi affirmations in the BACKGROUND, will bring incredible success to the FOREGROUND.

Positive Chi Affirmations

I love magnifying words with the right SPIN, STRAIGHT up electri-flying you to win.

Chi Energy Blog

Poetically sharing views on health through eating and exercising, creating an mental environment for all to keep rising.

Energy healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit with a soulful melody.

  • Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) type isochronic tones, works great with speakers and earbuds/headphones.
  • Fractal Chi Energy Healing Sound Waves as an "Om" Harmonic, layered strategically throughout the music.
  • Creating chi energy music that positively contributes, by harmonizing cool and euphoric attributes.
  • Voiced Positive Chi Affirmations recorded while using a mental form projection, combined with a special Chi Stick giving affirmations an vortextreme energy injection.
  • Words sounded out in a circular yin way, allowing affirmations to attract better than okay.
  • Infusing chi energy into affirmations as taught by a chi master, with a few new spins to help you manifest your dreams faster.

Subliminal chi energy affirmations created powerfully for your benefit, a great addition to your metaphysical tool kit.

Just GIVE chi energy healing music a spin, and you'll GET the chi power to win.

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Chi Energy Healing Music

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